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Giving Garden Update

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Time to celebrate! The Giving Garden has food to share.

The Giving Garden has started to produce its first harvests. What’s on the menu this round? Chard, green beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, herbs and eggplant. These first harvests will be going to the Alamo Recreation Center which has a partnership with Sustainable Food Center to collect and distribute fresh food to seniors and youth living in our zip code.

It all started with piles of what some might call trash

like paper bags for lawn cuttings, broken branches, leaves and used coffee grounds. Members shared extra seedlings and tossed in a few seeds. A little water and a whole lot of sunshine did the rest. Sometimes growing food really is that simple. A big thank you to the volunteers from the garden and larger community for getting together to make this project happen.

Why bother?

In our county about 18% of people live in food insecure homes. Yet, we have a year round growing season, plenty of land and many gardeners happy to share resources and expertise. It is unconscionable that anyone in our zip code should suffer from hunger. We won’t the solve the problem by ourselves but we can certainly do something rather than nothing.

What’s Next?

More food is on the way. The okra, pepper and watermelon plants are just getting started.

We also have a General Meeting coming up. Details TBA. Join us to share your feelings about this project and all the other agenda items. If members agree that the Giving Garden is worth continuing our sponsor will provide resources to make it as successful as possible. We are also exploring turning our little plot into a teaching garden where anyone can learn basic gardening skills. More details on that as they become available.