August Compost Distribution

Kristi’s escarole

Unexpectedly, the compost at the North Bin (the one by the shed) will be ready ahead of schedule. Everyone should feel free to take a pail full beginning August 12. After August 19 the remainder will be available on a first come, first served basis. You’ll find the finished material in the middle bin.

Feel free to continue to donate coffee grounds and kitchen scraps. Some people have started tidying their summer plots. That material is most welcome. All these green materials should go into the short bin on the left.

We will need some brown materials to build the next pile for September distribution. Bags of leaves from local trees are ideal. Please do not donate wood chips or sawdust unless you can absolutely verify that the source does not contain pressure treated wood. Cedar is best avoided as it slows bacterial growth and can stunt the growth of monocots (corn, wheat etc).

Please put donated brown materials BESIDE the bin. We want to be able to see and control what goes into the piles we build so that the end product is safe and of the highest quality. If you are unsure about what materials should NOT go into the system please refer to the list posted on the bin.

Thanks to Mark and Lily for the muscle power!

Celebrate Midsummer with Some Compost

And it is summer, glorious, deep-toned summer, The very crown of nature’s changing year –Amy Lowell

The compost in the north bin is ready for use. If divided equally, there should be enough for each plot to take about a pail full. As a courtesy please give people until July 3rd to gather their share. After that date, the remainder will be free for the taking.

The screen in the shed can be used to remove the larger chunks. Please return those bits to the middle bin for further processing.

How to Use it?

This first batch is a little meagre so you may be wondering how to use it. But even a little can be used …

  1. As a top dressing to protect the most thirsty plants from summer heat and dryness.
  2. As a soil amendment. Mix into the top few inches of your plot where you’ve grown your heaviest feeders.
  3. As compost tea for foliar feeding. A good recipe can be found here.

Once we get the system running routinely we should have a lot more to share. When the green receiving bin is full we will build a new pile to take this one’s place.

Thank you so much to all the people who donated material and spent time turning the pile.