Garden Maintenance

November Garden Checklist

Harlequin Bug Eggs


All kinds of greens like kale, chard, lettuce, spinach and pak choi can be grown from seeds or transplants. Turnips, garlic and radishes can also be planted in November. Adding in cool season flowers can help beneficial insects as well as add colour and fragrance to the garden. Some are even edible. Pansies, violas, alyssum, dianthus, poppies, larkspur, calendulas, nasturtiums, snapdragons and stocks prefer cooler temperatures.


A 3-4 inch layer of leaves, dried grass, compost or straw will reduce weeds, conserve water and moderate soil temperature.


Be on the lookout for caterpillars, cool season pests and hidden egg masses.


Weather reports for cold warnings. The first freeze usually comes early in December but can come earlier. Cover sensitive plants with row covers and ensure the edges are secured right to the ground.


Continue to water and fertilize as required. Try “cut and come again” harvesting with greens. Take only the outer leaves of plants like kale, lettuce and mustard to let new inner leaves carry on growing for another day.


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