Weekly Update

Nov. 27, 2016

Wow, a lot has transpired since I last wrote here: our water has been turned on (yay!), our pergola and gate construction is completed (double yay!), and we have had our first delivery of soil (with attendant back and muscle aches).  We are really looking like a serious garden.

Next on the list of to-dos: compost bin construction and perimeter planting.  Regarding the compost bins, Debra McIntyre and I will be doing some pre-assembly on the bins this coming Thursday at 10:00 AM at my house (1503 Crestwood) and final assembly will start at 10 AM on this coming Saturday at the garden.  Come and join us for either of these events.  As for the perimeter planting, we will be purchasing a major portion of our plants this week and are intending to care for them on site until we can get them in the ground.  If anyone is interested in keeping our plants watered until we are ready to plant them that will count toward your community hours.  Please let me know.

Finally, only two folks have indicated to me that they are interested in the next group soil purchase.  To justify the $100 delivery charge it would be best to have at least 6 plots buying soil.  Please let me know if you are interested in soil (but only if your plot is ready to receive it).

Nov. 7.2016

Well, Brit finally went to the COA Water department to find out about the hold-up on our water meter.  They could find no reason for the delay and promised that someone would be out for the re-inspection last week – but that evidently didn’t happen.  Keep your fingers crossed for this week.

We are still planning to construct the pergola this coming weekend, Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th, starting at 9:00 am both days (unless we complete all the work on Saturday).  Please come and help us.

Oh, we are now without a wheelbarrow.  The wheels on both the plastic wheelbarrow and the metal wheelbarrow were broken this past weekend.  I may be able to repair the metal wheelbarrow, but need to locate a 4″ axle spacer which was lost when the wheel came off.  If you happen to have a 4″ axle spacer or a wheelbarrow that you would like to donate, please let me know.  Otherwise we may need to dip into our garden funds to purchase another wheelbarrow.

Oct. 30, 2016

We have not received word yet on our water meter being turned on – I will provide an update as soon as we hear.

I’d like to remind everyone that whatever is in the shed is for community use – including materials and tools you may have placed in there.  You may retrieve or use your tools or materials at anytime, but any materials in the shed can be used by any other gardener, so if you don’t want other gardeners using your materials then you must store them on your plot.

Reminder: we are planning a work weekend on Nov. 15 – 16 to construct our pergola and to do some fence maintenance.

Oct. 23, 2016

Hi, everyone.  I’m going to start a weekly update blog to keep everyone up with progress at our garden.

First, the re-inspection of our irrigation system by the City should be imminent.  We actually thought it was going to happen this past week, but, true to form, the City has not yet acted on it.

As soon as we have a clear schedule for the water being turned on, I will be organizing a soil buy.  Only those whose beds are ready to accept soil and who can move their soil to their beds within a week of delivery will be part of the group buy to ensure that our delivery area is not blocked for an extended period of time and to avoid having soil washed or blown away before it is moved to the plots.

To pre-calculate how much soil you will need use this formula: areal dimensions of your plot (in feet) minus border areal dimensions (in feet) X requested depth of soil (in feet) divided by 27 cu ft per cu yd.  For example, my plot is 4′ x 20′, with a 4″ (1/3 ‘) wide border and I want to add 10″ (5/6′) of soil to my plot, so my calculation would be (( (4′ x 20′) – (1/3′ x 48′)) x 5/6’)/27 cu ft = 1.98 cu yds. Therefore, I will buy 2 yds of soil.  For those of you without a rock border your border width should be minimal and can be excluded from the above formula.  To ensure that you get all the soil you’ve purchase, I’m putting chalk in the shed so that you can mark your soil height along the inside of your border walls.  If you have any questions regarding the calculation for your plot, please contact me.

Finally, we are planning our next workdays for November 12 and 13, starting at 9 AM, during which we will be completing the construction of the pergola.  Please come and join us for these workdays.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update

    1. I had ordered 2 cubic yards of the soil whenever the purchase was finalized. This was back when the original estimate calculation appeared.
      I’m not sure where i posted it.


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