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Wildflowers for Wildlife

Patterson Park Community Garden does more than feed people. We also feed and nurture wildlife.

In particular we support Monarch butterflies.

Like all other wildlife, monarch butterflies need:

Food: Milkweed leaves for caterpillars to munch on and flower nectar for the adult forms. We offer both sources of food.

Water: Butterflies, birds and small animals all need a source of clean water. We provide a birdbath for quick sips and clean ups.

Cover: Trees, shrubs and leafy plants offer shelter from bad weather and enemies.

Places to Raise Young: Monarch butterfly larvae can only eat the leaves of milkweed plants. We grow three varieties at the community garden: Texas Milkweed, Green Milkweed, and Hierba de Zizotes

Sustainable Practices: Monarch butterflies (and all other wildlife) face 4 threats.

Uncontrolled Development
Climate Change






Organic gardens like Patterson Park Community Garden make room for wildlife.

Organic gardens do not use herbicides, pesticides or any other poisons.

Organic gardens avoid the use of fossil fuels.

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